join us for

curious citizens Capitol See

discovering our role
tuesday, march 26th
12 - 1pm

MS State Capitol Building
meet on South Steps
400 High Street
jackson, mississippi

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welcome, curious citizen.

Curious Citizens of Significant Developments is a participatory civic art work increasing citizen engagement in the processes of the Mississippi State Capitol Building.

A history of intentional design to restrict citizen access to government has left gaps in our current system which makes it difficult for the citizen who is curious to become a citizen who is engaged

Through Curious Citizens we explore the possibilities which open up when citizens are actively given resources and facilitation to participate. Our hope is that we can model new models of government support which our politicians can formalize into our civic institutions.

Some of our activities include:

an orientation to learn about the Capitol building as a public space

introductions to resources and documents available to the public which help navigate and offer input into the system

our Curious See engagements at the Capitol Building; seeing where we can do, what we can ask for, how we can activate

reporting tools such as our Field Reports so “Curious Citizens” can share their experiences and which allows us to archive their discoveries

a unified identity as a Curious Citizen through the awarding of an official Curious Citizen pin to participants 

ultimately we hope to compile Curious Citizen data into  the Mississippi Statehouse Play Book - a family activity guide and State Capitol action resource featuring the findings of the Curious Citizens!

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